/ə(ʊ)ˈnʌɪrɪk/ adjective
relating to dreams or dreaming.

ONEIRIC.SPACE is a research project dedicated to exploring our relationship to dreams and the unconscious through an interdisciplinary lens. It consists of the online magazine, a monthly newsletter, events and special projects. Founded in 2019, ONEIRIC.SPACE aims to spark more dialogue about dreams and how they intertwine with our waking lives.

Everyone dreams regularly, whether we remember our dreams or not. The images and ideas that emerge in our sleep may be an expression of fantasies, fears, memories, illusions, anxieties, absurdities, fleeting thoughts and many other aspects of our (inner) lives. Dreams have been – and still are – an inherent part of our world. And yet, they are often dismissed as frivolous because of their complexity and talking about them can be considered a drag.

WWW.ONEIRIC.SPACE is an online magazine that explores our relationship to dreams and the unconscious through intimate conversations with individuals from the worlds of art, culture, science, philosophy and beyond.

Each interview is designed to correspond to the content of the conversation and the dream-related material provided by the interviewee. In that sense, each interview is a ‘sui generis,’ a stand-alone cosmos, unlike anything else that exists on the site.

“The dream is not an isolated psychic event cut off from daily life. If it seems so to us, that is only an illusion that arises from our lack of understanding.”
– Carl G. Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul (1933)


Founding Editor : Charmaine Li
Editor : Effie Efthymiadi
Design & Development :
Studio Push (founded by Emilie Vizcano and Pierre Monge)

Special thanks to Rico Lützner.

Selected Press

“Like the multi-layered realms it investigates, the website is disorienting, fluid, looping and occasionally even nonsensical.”

“It manages to capture the mystery, hazy absurdity, and disorienting depth of dreaming without falling onto the trop of whimsical and ‘dreamy’ design.”
—AIGA Eye on Design

“Writers and editors Charmaine Li and Effie Efthymiadi will take you on a journey through the world of dreams with ONEIRIC.SPACE, an online magazine that aims to explore the world that unravels when we close our eyes through art, science, psychology and more.”
—Metal Magazine

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