/ə(ʊ)ˈnʌɪrɪk/ adjective
relating to dreams or dreaming.

From 2019-2020, WWW.ONEIRIC.SPACE was a digital publishing experiment exploring how nightly dreams connect to waking life. The publication featured conversations with individuals across various disciplines about the multidimensional nature of dreams and the multiplicity of approaches to engaging with the nightly phenomena. To mirror the idiosyncratic nature of dream life, each interview was designed and developed to correspond to the dream-related material shared by the interviewee, creating an individual cosmos within the website.

WWW.ONEIRIC.SPACE/ARCHIVE is now an online interview archive that is part of ONEIRIC SPACE, an ever-evolving research and publishing practice exploring the interplay between dreams and waking life at an individual and collective level. ONEIRIC SPACE shares its research through gatherings, publications, and this interview archive.


Founding Editor : Charmaine Li
Editor : Effie Efthymiadi
Design & Development :
Studio Push (founded by Emilie Vizcano and Pierre Monge)

Special thanks to Rico Lützner.

Selected Press

“Like the multi-layered realms it investigates, the website is disorienting, fluid, looping and occasionally even nonsensical.”

“It manages to capture the mystery, hazy absurdity, and disorienting depth of dreaming without falling onto the trop of whimsical and ‘dreamy’ design.”
—AIGA Eye on Design

“Writers and editors Charmaine Li and Effie Efthymiadi will take you on a journey through the world of dreams with ONEIRIC.SPACE, an online magazine that aims to explore the world that unravels when we close our eyes through art, science, psychology and more.”
—Metal Magazine